Sick Vegan Kids In The News

Another vegan family has become news after their pre-teen daughter was found to have Rickets and degenerative bone disease. Parentdish, a group blog under the AOL umbrella, has posted their story and it’s getting a lot of knee-jerk comments.

Truly this is a horrible story, but I have to think that the sick girl’s problems have more to do with her parents misinformed parenting than with veganism per se. I suspect these parents understood nutritional needs of humans as much as do suburban Canadian and Americans who hit the drive through on the way home from work to nourish their families on deliberately nutrient void foods.

Many vegans and vegetarians eat a healthy, balanced, whole foods diet. That diet contains all the nutrients required to healthfully sustain a human at any stage of their development.

Are you a vegetarian parent? Do you feel you provide your family with a balanced diet? What types of foods do your offer your children?


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  1. Thanks for the link! I came to visit to check out some of your vegetarian tips!

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